Domata beach, Sfakia, Chania


Author: Giannis Foudoulakis
Domata Beach, Sfakia, Chania, South Crete

No matter how bizarre it sounds, this stunning, vast, sandy beach is reached by such few people that you will probably have it all for yourself, most certainly if you get here off the peak of the tourist season. This, of course, is reasonable, as the easiest way to get here is to get to Sfakia, get the boat from there to Agia Roumeli and then hire a fish boat that will get you to Domata (ð'ɒmʌtʌ). Agia Roumeli is where the Gorge of Samaria exits and you can also get there by hiking through the national park of Samaria. An even more interesting way to get to Domata is by walking the E4 coastal path that passes from the beach starting from Agia Roumeli or Sougia. Note that this path is strictly for experienced hikers, it is very tiring and extremely dangerous, as it requires you to walk by the edge of a cliff for several hours. Another path also leads to Domata through the gorge of Klados and experienced climbers may also choose that way.

Domata has two large beaches split by a cluster of rocks. One section is crossed by the E4 path, while the second and smaller one is only accessed by boat or by swimming for a few meters from the first one. The smaller beach is on the east side and it is considered more beautiful, while there are more chances of meeting somebody else there. In any case, choosing in which of these sides you will go is of little importance, since they both have a huge untrodden beach with grey sand and crystal turquoise waters. Wind, water, soil movement and erosion are the elements that have composed this breathtaking scenery made of enormous terraces, vertical cliffs and steep ravines. Without a doubt, this scenery will offer you an unforgettable experience.

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