Falasarna beach, Kissamos, Chania


Author: Giannis Foudoulakis
Falasarna Beach near Kissamos, Chania, South Crete

If you were here about 2,000 years ago, you would find yourself in a famous harbor and a rich city with impressive temples and massive surrounding walls. The ancient city of Falasarna was built in the name of nymph Falasarni and flourished in the 4th and 3rd century BC. The city had strong naval power and was rich enough to have its own currency. Most of the revenue, however, came from pirate activities, so the city was ruined by the Romans in 69 BC.

Today Falasarna is a popular tourist destination and the beach is among the most renowned in Europe. The sand is light-coloured and turns the crystal clear water into many spectacular shades of blue, while the beach is so vast that, though it is usually crowded, it always looks almost empty. Unfortunately, Falasarna is constantly battered by strong winds so, unless you want to be whipped by sand and hit by big waves, you should better choose a day with nothing more than a slight breeze. If the weather doesn't help for a swim, then don't miss the chance to explore the beautiful surrounding area which is part of the Natura 2000 protection network.

The coastline of Falasarna is divided into several beaches that are separated by clumps of rocks and sand dunes. The larger, most popular and probably most beautiful of these beaches is Pachia Ammos. There you will find beach bars, sun beds and water sport facilities. Heading north there is what the locals call the "Small Beach", which is nothing but small, as it is approximately half a kilometer long. If you want to avoid crowds, then you should head south of Pachia Ammos where there is yet another long sandy beach which is less preferred due to its rocky bottom. Also isolated are two more beaches, one even more south at the port of the village and another one near the archeological site.

If you end up staying here until late in the afternoon, then we strongly recommend you to remain at the beach and watch an unforgettable sunset. Also, don't leave before having a walk among the ruins of the ancient city where the entrance is free.

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