Platanakia beach, Kissamos, Chania


Author: Giannis Foudoulakis
Platanakia Beach near Kissamos, Chania, West Crete

This is a secluded beach, which is located 66 km west of Chania near Sfinari in the municipality of Kissamos. You will reach Platanakia by a rocky dirt road, which starts about 2 km before the centre of the village Kampos and follows the homonym gorge for about 4 km. In case you do not have the appropriate vehicle for this road, then a much better way to get to the beach is on foot. The route starts from the village square where you can leave your car. The trail is passable, it belongs to the network of trails of the municipality of Kissamos, it is well maintained and has special signs. The route begins with dirt track roads, then crosses the gorge of Kampos and ends at the beach. The walk takes about 1.5 hours and the most of it, is in the shade. Whether you come on foot or by vehicle, you may encounter some closed doors during your route, which are placed there by the local shepherds and which you must close after you pass.

In Platanakia there is no infrastructure, so it is advisable to bring with you the essentials. Also, there is no shade, so make sure to carry an umbrella and water, especially if you decide to come through the path. The beach is in a sheltered bay surrounded by high cliffs. It is extremely beautiful, has pebbles and is ideal for snorkelling or diving. There is a big chance to be alone on this beach, even if you come in the middle of summer.

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