Pyrgos Psilonerou beach, Platanias, Chania


Author: Giannis Foudoulakis
Pyrgos Psilonerou beach near Platanias, Chania, West Crete

Pyrgos Psilonerou is a 1 km beach located 16 km West of Chania between the villages Gerani and Maleme. The beach has deep water and grey sand mixed with pebbles. Although the area is relatively well developed and has some tourist facilities, the beach is rather not organized and is mostly used by the locals. However, there is a lifeguard and 1 or 2 bars with umbrellas and sun beds.

The beach in this area is an important breeding habitat for the endangered caretta caretta sea turtle. It is very likely that you will see the turtle nests enclosed and protected by the ecological organizations that act in this area. The spawning and the hatching of the turtles' eggs is a unique and rare event which takes place during the night. Yet, if you are lucky enough to witness this experience, you are strongly advised not to disturb the turtles and keep your distance. Also, the organizations for the protection of turtles recommend that you do not put your umbrella into the sand as there is a great risk you could destroy their nests.

The beach here has clear water and is quiet and peaceful; there are few people around which make it ideal for families. There are many small traditional villages in the area and we would recommend that you visit them and explore. Close by is the historical village of Maleme where you can visit the German cemetery; here you will find the graves of the German paratroopers from the Battle of Crete during the WWII.

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