Ravdoucha beach, Platanias, Chania


Author: Giannis Foudoulakis
Ravdoucha Beach, Platanias, Chania, South Crete, Greece

If you drive 30 km west of Chania, you will come upon the beautiful village of Ravdoucha, overlooking Kissamos Bay from the edge of a steep slope. "Ravdoucha" is a Greek idiom for "whipped" and the village was named so due to the strong winds that constantly blow here. The beach is at the bottom of the cliff below the village and is accessed through a snake road that descends for about 2 km. There is no public transport that will get you there, so the only way you can visit the beach is either by car or on foot.

At the end of this road you will find two signs indicating the way to the beach in two opposite directions. Don't get frustrated, as they will both lead you to a beach. We recommend you to go left and head south where the beach is more beautiful. None of these two pebbly beaches has sun beds or umbrellas, yet you will find a few trees that you can use for shade. Along the shore are lodging facilities and a couple of taverns with local dishes. You may also visit the picturesque church of Saint Onoufrios that is built into a rock by the sea.

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