Tripiti beach, Sfakia, Chania


Author: Giannis Foudoulakis
Tripiti Beach near Sougia, Chania, South Crete

Tripiti is located at the exit of the homonymous gorge, about 5 km east of Sougia in the region that is named Voukilasi of the Municipality of Sfakia. In the Cape of Tripiti was situated the city of Poikilassos, the seaport of the ancient city of Elyros and a very important trading port for the Egyptians. Today there are only a few and insignificant ruins in the area. The vertical cliffs along the gorge and the coast are full of caves that have given the name to the area (Tripiti in Greek means perforated) and are occupied by the dozens of goats who live there.

There are no roads in Tripiti and the only ways to get there are either by boat from Sougia or by trekking through the European path E4 that connects Sougia with Agia Roumeli. The hike requires some experience and lasts about 4 hours. At the exit of the gorge you will find a few buildings and a cistern with potable water. The beach in this place might not impress you, so head east and along the coast you will find numerous small coves formed in the rocky coastline. If you walk for some minutes you will arrive at a beautiful pebbly beach with blue waters that is called Sentoni.

At the exit of the gorge of Tripiti is located the chapel of Saint Nicholas, which is built on the rock. On the path to Sougia there are the ruins of an Ottoman fortress and the chapel of Prophet Elias, in which every year on 19 and 20 July takes place a popular religion feast.

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