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Prepare your house for real estate photography 0

Picture yourself looking to buy a new house. It takes just a few clicks to take a quick glance and just a few seconds to get impressed by an eye-catching photo. Research has shown that more than 95% of users viewed the first photo for a total of 20 seconds¹. Therefore, the camera of your smartphone is not an option while trying to grab the potential buyers' attention. Great presentation can have up to 61% more online views according to a 2010 Redfin study². Get your property presented like "the dream house".

You need to take some steps to get your house ready to "pose"!

  • Make your residence shine.
  • Forget it's your home.

Firstly, remove every single thing you want to take with you. You don’t want to disappoint buyers once you tell them this vintage sofa belonged to your great grandpa and you’re not willing to leave it behind. Make sure all the appealing furniture that they picture themselves using, will stay there. Secondly, bring a friend and get rid of those you are not taking with you but nobody likes, even though, you are used to them or emotionally attached. You are not the right person to judge and they may ruin the image of your residence. Next, this will no longer be your home. You have to believe it and you have to make it look like it doesn't really belong to anyone at all. Buyers want to imagine themselves in your house and not how you were there. So, you’ve got to take down all the personal decorations, family photos, diplomas, your daughter's first art attempts etc.

Take some good care of your property. Make any minor repairs you can and you have been avoiding months or years now. Fix doors that don't close properly, replace cracked floor, examine the walls for little holes and patch them and don't forget the burned-out light bulbs because you will need your home as bright as possible. If you do have the time and money to spend, consider painting the walls in more neutral colours. And last but not least, the cleaning project. The house should be in pristine condition. Use all the suitable products you 've got in order to shine the doors, the windows, the walls, the floor, the furniture, the electrical appliances etc.

Some tips before the photoshoot

The first photo of your property to appear. Clean the curb. Remove garbage bins, get rid of old car tires, hide your dog's house as well as your kids' bicycles and other toys. If there is lawn, prune the bushes, weed the garden and plant some flowers. Don't forget that the cleaning project must include the exterior of the house, too. Check the house number and buy a new one if needed.

Buy a new welcome mat. Put away the jackets, cardigans, hats, umbrellas and anything else hanging in the hallway. Also, don't forget the rows of shoes you 've made in front of the door.

Remove all your useful appliances from the counter. Take down magnets from around the world, photos, reminders and delivery numbers that happen to be on your fridge door. Use some fresh flowers or a nice bowl to decorate the kitchen table.

Remove all the toiletries you have on display. Put white towels and keep them clean. Use new soap dish, toothbrush holder, toilet seat and toilet paper holder. Refresh your bathroom, buyers tend to pay very good attention of bathrooms and if they will need to make repairs.

Remove also personal items such as posters, photos, souvenirs etc. Straighten the bookshelves. Wash your duvet as well as the pillows and make them look like brand-new.

Living & dining room
Take care of pillows and couch covers and make sure they’ll be super clean. Rearrange the magazine rack. Hide the wires from TV/stereo etc. Have a new table cloth and maybe try some seasonal plants for the table.

House photography - wrong
House photography - correct

The day of the photo-shoot

You have got an hour or so before the photographer's visit.

  • Make sure you swept and mopped the floors.
  • Kids and pets plus whatever belongs to them should be out of site.
  • TV should be switched off and remotes in the drawer.
  • Make the beds.
  • Keep toilet lid closed.
  • Check for personal items that you may have forgotten such as your keys on the kitchen counter.
  • Remove cars from the front of the property.
  • Pull back the curtains.

Take a step back, look at your house. It doesn't look like your home? You feel a little bit uncomfortable entering? You 're done, you are ready!


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- Author: Anna Karamaltidi -

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