Policy and charges

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Considering the current conditions of the real estate market and the needs of our clients, we chose to follow a client-centered policy regarding the cost of our services. Our fees are the lowest possible according to the rules that are set by the civil law and the Realtors' Association of Chania.

Selling your property

Marketing your property through Elizabeth Estate Agency is totally free up to the sale. In case a sale is accomplished our fee is 2% on the selling price plus 24% VAT on our fee. There is a minimum charge of € 1,500 if the selling price is below € 75,000. There are no fees or charges if there is no buyer found and you wish to take your property off the market.

Buying from our agency

If you want to buy one of our properties it will cost you 2% upon the final price that will have been agreed with the seller. There is € 1,500 minimum charge and there is 24% VAT upon our services for all buyers.

Renting a property

Either you want to let one of our offered properties or offer your own property for rent, our fee equals to one month's rent only in the case when a rental agreement is signed. 24% VAT applies to our services for all, Greek and international buyers. There are no minimum charges and fees vary if the rental is short term. If there is no tenant found, then you may take the property off the market without charge.

Real estate evaluation

The evaluation of your property to be put on the real estate market is free. An official evaluation paper signed by our agency is charged depending on the value of your property; 0.4% on the value if that is below € 300,000, 0.25% up to the value of € 1,500,000 and 0.15% if the property is evaluated above € 1,500,000. There is a minimum fee of € 100 and VAT 24% upon our fee.

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By listing your property with Elizabeth Estate Agency you are certain that it will have the best possible marketing and the greater chances to sell. ElizabethEstateAgency.com is ranked high on search engine results and, at the same time, our properties are listed on several other real estate websites. Thus, you are sure that, when someone is interested in purchasing your property, then they will definitely find it here.


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