Glyka Nera beach, Sfakia, Chania


Author: Giannis Foudoulakis
Glyka Nera Beach near Sfakia, Chania, South Crete

Glyka Nera means "drinking water" and the beach was named after the various springs that flow out of the ground by the beach. The scenery is impressive with rocky cliffs rising up to 500 meters above the shore. The beach is pebbly and the waters are crystal clear with a deep green color. They are rather cold, though, due to the fresh water that sprouts into the sea. Besides plenty of water that is perfectly safe to drink, here you will find umbrellas and sun beds, as well as a traditional tavern built on a rock into the sea. Glyka Nera is very popular to campers, while the eastern side of the beach is occupied by naturists.

There is no road that will get you to the beach and the easiest way to get here is by hiring a fish boat from Sfakia or Loutro. Another much cheaper and more interesting way is to walk along the E4 coastal path that connects Sfakia with Loutro and passes from the beach. In order to do that you can either walk or drive on the road from Sfakia towards Anopolis. On a steep turn after 2.5 km you will see a distinct mark on a rock that shows you the entrance to the path. If you are a vertigo sufferer, then don't even think of hiking on this path, as most of its part requires you to walk on the edge of a cliff. Still, it is relatively safe, easy to follow and kept in a good condition. The descent to the beach will take you 30-40 minutes, while getting back requires plenty of water and a good physical condition.

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