Seitan Limania beach, Chania, Chania


Author: Giannis Foudoulakis
Seitan Limania Beach in Chania, Crete, Greece

Though it seems totally remote, this spectacular beach is located just a short 20 km drive from the city center of Chania. In order to get to Seitan Limania you have to drive towards the airport of Chania. Turn left right before the airport towards village Chordaki and then follow the signs to Rizoskloko. At some point you will start seeing small signs that will lead you to the beach. Don't be surprised if you meet a closed door in the middle of the road; it has been put there to fence the goats of a shepherd and you are pleased to close it behind you as you go through! The asphalt road descends to where it seems to be the middle of nowhere and ends at a parking area that serves the beach. A steep but easy-to-walk path starts from there and within 15 minutes it ends at this well hidden paradise. You may hear the locals referring to this beach in various other names such as "Stefanou" or "Rizoskloko".

The beach of Seitan Limania (Satan's Ports) was not very popular until recently when the road that gets here was constructed. At and around the beach you will find no amenities, which means you will have to carry your water, snack or anything else you might need, as well as to leave nothing but footprints at the beach as you leave. This tiny cove might easily get annoyingly busy so, if possible, try to avoid weekends and any dates at the peak of the tourist season.

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